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iBOLT sPro2 Combo Kit

Product Price

Drive safe and legal with the sPro2. The dock is compatible with most case/phone combinations and is designed for easy, one-handed operation. It can be placed on the dashboard or windshield securely with the ROK II Suction mount. A dash disc is included for soft or rough surfaces. The top latch on the dock can be adjusted and locked into place to accommodate the length of the phone. The latch is also spring loaded making it easy to insert the phone with one hand.


  • The sPro2 is compatible with all smartphones and can be mounted on the windshield or dashboard. A vent mount is also included in the combo kit for as an extra mounting option. The open design allows all ports and the camera lens to remain unobstructed and available for use.
  • Compatibility: Designed to fit most phones, from an iPhone 5 to Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
  • Case compatibility: Designed to fit most cases including Otterbox Defender and Lifeproof.
  • Vent Mount: Mount for placement on air conditioning vents included.
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