OtterBox 5000mAh Otterspot Stackable Portable Power Bank w/ Qi Charging


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OtterBox OtterSpot 5000 mAh portable battery goes where you go and charges your phone when you need it most with the power of Qi built-in.


The OtterSpot portable power bank goes above and beyond just being a great on-the-go charger. OtterSpot is a 10W Fast Charging wireless Qi power bank with built-in USB-C to USB-C PD charging, LED status indicators and 5,000 mAh of battery life, more than enough for one or possibly two charges of a phone. With addition of the OtterSpot Charging Base (optional sold separately) the user can stack the OtterSpot Power Bank for charging a phone and the power bank simultaneously. OtterSpot Power Bank features both power receiving and power delivering prongs to charge multiple power banks at a time. Plenty of options for how to charge, all inside a compact, durable disk.


Purchase as many Stackable OtterSpot Power Bank units as you like and charge them all together. Comes with a powerful 36W USB-C wall charger for the best in PD charging.


*Includes one battery. Base and additional batteries sold separately.


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